Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Personal achievement or talent essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal achievement or talent - Essay Example The most important effect of these values is good leadership, the core foundation of scouting, which has given me the knowledge and ability to lead my peers. Leadership is not just about telling people what to do, but about guiding teammates with positive attitudes, regardless of whether the situation is a sporting game or everyday life. I have already applied these leadership skills within my high school baseball teams and when working summer jobs. The importance of leadership and teamwork were impressed on my from the beginning of my scouting days. Through hard work and dedication to my troop, I became one of the youngest Patrol leaders at age thirteen. This position came with many responsibilities. I experienced having to provide meals for an entire patrol and their dads at the monthly campouts. The tricky part about cooking in the wilderness is you do not have the same equipment you may find in a kitchen. Additionally, no processed meals are allowed at the campouts; everything is made from scratch. The entire meal is a process, from finding firewood to preparing the uncooked food. In other words, cooking is a group endeavor. As patrol leader, I assigned younger and older scouts to do the various tasks, and ensured everyone worked together. I had to learn quickly how to lead, or my patrol would have failed and broken down. In 2009, I became an Assistant Scoutmaster, the last position a Scout must hold before he can transition from a Life Scout to an Eagle Scout. In this position, my leadership duties grew. Instead of just one small patrol, I was put in charge of approximately two hundred people at a summer camp. I had to oversee various activities, not just cooking, and make sure everybody got along. One of the other great things Scouts taught me is the necessity and beauty of diversity. In this large number of people, there were boys of many different races and with many different religions. Learning how

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